ST Microelectronics distributes a nice set of demonstration code for the STM32 Discovery Board. Annoyingly, all of the build instructions are oriented towards the various PC based IDEs described. I've put together a small package ( Build.tar ) to simplify the process of building these projects using the Code Sourcery tools under Unix (OS X).

  1. Download the ST projects (
  2. Create a directory (e.g. demo) and "cd" there
  3. unzip
  4. download Build.tar
  5. tar -xf Build.tar
  6. make

Note: you may wish to change paths, tool names, or compilation flags in Makefile or Build/Makefile.

If everything is correctly set up, all of the example projects should build in a few seconds. Contrast this with IDEs which require multiple mouse clicks to build each project and you may understand my affection for command line tools.